Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Jentel, Day 19

Since it's now seven in the morning, and the new day (for me) officially begins at six, this means we've moved onto Day 19.  A tad over a week left in the residency.  Current WCPD ratio:  683.  I've seen plenty of sunsets from my window, but this is probably the first sunrise I've seen.  I like how the blue of everything slowly gains contrast.  The mountains far in the back turn pink.

Normally, I've gone to bed at this time, but last night, the Jentel residents gave our presentation to the community.  Jentel Presents!  With a name like that, I feel we should have worn top hats and sported canes.  Alas, no:  we each just wore a fake red rose.  Some wrapped it around their wrists; others held their like a laser pointer.  I used mine as a boutonniere.  The presentation was sparsely attended -- this is, after all, still February in Wyoming -- but I preferred looking around the Sheridan Public Library before the reading.  Upstairs, on the second floor, are the study rooms.  I saw what looked like a tutoring session in one.  But, more importantly, there was a display all about space travel and exploration ringing the second floor.  And, most importantly of all, in the display cases were actions figures and sundry memorabilia devoted to Star Trek, Star Wars, and, strangely enough, Independence Day.  I never knew they made model figurines of the alien baddies of ID4.  Now I know.  The providers of the toys action figures had their names prominently featured in the cases.  Mark of pride or mark of shame?  You make the call.  Also:  a Lego model of the Space Shuttle.

After the reading, we re-convened at the Pony Bar & Grill, where they proudly serve microbrews and frou-frou drinks such as the Woo-Woo.  I, sadly, partook in none of them, but I did have a steak.  My first Wyoming steak!  Driving from Sheridan to Jentel and vice versa, the fields are dotted with tasty, tasty cattle with some horses thrown in for local color.  But this was my first chance to partake of a slice of cattle.  Good?  Yes.  Mindblowing?  Not quite.  The 12+ ounces of cow did, however, make me feel very sleepy after dinner, and I took a nap until 3 in the morning.  Hence, I have steak to thank for the pink streaks of clouds, the mountains that have now darkened to salmon, the purpling foothills, the mysterious half-covered footprints in the snow.

And a final note:  what's up with those bizarre comments on my previous post?  It's like they came from random word generators.

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