Friday, February 5, 2010

Jentel, Day 20

Another Thursday, another disruption.  Current WCPD ratio:  677. 

On the plus side, I'm becoming a local celebrity.  Very local, small "c" celebrity.  At the coffee shop, an interviewer from KOTA-TV asked for some on-camera opinions about personal finances.  Sure, ask the out-of-towner who just barely woke up and is downloading cheesy dance music videos on YouTube! 

First, speak and spell into the microphone.  Don't look at the camera or the red dot which indicates, right now, that your image and words are being preserved for all eternity. 

Do I keep my receipts?  Not if they're incriminating.
What's my worst financial habit?  Crazed orgies of spending.  
My greatest financial achievement?  That I haven't yet declared bankruptcy.

None of this, of course, counts as breaking news. 

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