Monday, February 8, 2010

Jentel, Day 23

Coming uncomfortably close to the end of my stay here in Wyoming.  Current WCPD ratio:  I'm no longer counting.  It hurts too much.  Instead, I bring you:  The Ballad of Grey Kitty


Yes, I know you're only here for a month.
And I've seen you every day at the door.
I squawk when you're carrying a cup,
because it's milk for me, I'm sure.

Yes, I know I'm forbidden to come in.
But the snow outside will cover my prints.
And if I should fall asleep in your chair,
it'd be enough to melt a heart of flint.

Yes, I know you sometimes stare at me
instead of trying to write your stupid book.
But when I purr and stretch and curl up,
how can anyone resist my pathetic look?

I've been here longer than anyone can recall.
Waiting patiently outside the front door. 
I know you'll be leaving in just a few days,
But I'll make you come back soon for more.


And to think Mark Strand once gave me a C! Big smothering snowflakes falling tonight.

If there's anything worse than doggerel, it's "cat"terel.  Ugh.  Forgive me:  it's late, and I just watched a hideous Syfy horror movie with Antonio Sabato, Jr.  I know it's not an excuse, but it should at least be a mitigating circumstance.  

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